Photography showcasing the landscapes, flora, and fauna of Washington's Cascades range.

Le Dolomiti

Photography showcasing the grandeur of Italy's Dolomite range of mountains.


Photography showcasing Patagonia.

American Serengeti

Images from a weekend in the Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska.


Images from a fall trip to the Enchantment Lakes.


Timbisha is what the local Shoshone tribe calls Death Valley. They feel that because Timbisha is so full of life that it shouldn't be named for death, just because humans can't survive in it. They work in collaboration with the National Park Service to care for Timbisha.

This Land is Our Land

The world belongs to the animals that live in it every bit as much as it belongs to us.

WinterLight Studios, LLC

WinterLight Studios, LLC provides high end cinematography, color grading, and finishing for short and feature films.
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